Trails To Hear
And Now

Nomad comes forth to display a broad array of talent on Trails To Hear And Now where all the instruments are played by him, creating a tight full band sound that rocks. The songs are filled with thought-provoking lyrics that question the norm and with great melodies that linger in one's head.

Whether it's the sweet mandolin fills, tight bass grooves, vocal harmonies, or the great acoustic rhythms, Nomad shows us his multi-talented abilities to rock our world. Trails To Hear And Now showcases great songwriting abilities with songs that inspire, enlighten, and get your booty groovin'!

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Chill Out
An Acoustic Compilation
Volume 9
Quickstar Productions

Nomad and his music appear
on this great compilation CD,
featuring 20 great songs by
20 different talented artists!

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